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      1. Main operation

        Various kinds of cotton yarn




        Xuzhou Changxing Textile Co., Ltd.
        Xuzhou Changxing Textile Co., Ltd.
        Gold nine silver ten yarn prices to follow up cotton prices or easy to rise or fall

        9, October is the traditional peak season for textiles and garments. At present, all cotton yarn is still on the rise, and polyester and cotton yarn orders are improving and prices are rising steadily.

        In the near future, the order of cotton regular yarn has improved, but the price is going to go up, which shows that cotton yarn has gained a lot of support, but there is still a lack of strength to go all out. From the perspective of Ji Lu Yu area, all cotton yarn orders are warming up, prices are generally stable and local prices are rising slightly. At the moment, orders are better for combed 32S, 40S and combed 32S, including some combed high count yarn is also improving. As of 21 days, the price of 21S, 32S and 40S in a factory in Dezhou, Shandong was 22000 yuan / ton, 23200 yuan / ton, 24500 yuan / ton respectively, and the price fluctuated little. However, in the real single transaction process, manufacturers generally "bite" the price is more dead, easy not to let profits sell. On the same day, the price of combing 60S in a factory in Zhengzhou, Henan was 35600 yuan / ton, and the price was slightly higher than that of yesterday's 100 yuan / ton.

        Unlike half cotton covered yarn, the price of polyester and cotton yarn has changed from "dark" to "bright rising" recently. By the end of 21, Hebei, Shandong and other areas of pure polyester yarn 21S, 32S price center is 11500 yuan / tonnes, 12600 yuan per ton, the price center of gravity is up 100 yuan / ton compared to yesterday, and polyester cotton yarn is rising slightly. On that day, the price of polyester cotton yarn 21S 65/35 in Hebei is 14500 yuan / ton, 32S 65/35 price is 15800 yuan / ton, the price is more than yesterday, compared with yesterday, the price was flat compared yesterday, compared with yesterday, At the beginning of this week, it was up 100 yuan / ton. The price of cotton yarn 30S is 20200 yuan / ton, and the price of cotton yarn has risen 50-100 yuan / ton this week.

        In the near future, pure cotton yarn and blended yarn price center has stabilized and the situation of local inflation has increased. The supporting role of raw materials can not be ignored.

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